Inspection of welding and production Process

Third Party Inspection

We Offered highly experienced with certified personnel to undertake third party oversight in all Material inspection, stagewise welding, painting/coating, witness of all testing, monitoring all inspection activities as per applicable standards, client specification, national and international standards.

we are working following industries

  • Oil & Gas Industries
  • Utility Industries
  • Petrochemical Refineries Industries
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Fertilizers Industries
  • Electrical Power Industries
  • Process & Manufacturing Industries
  • Construction Industry
  • Raw materials Industries
  • Cement & Pharmaceutical Industries

Inspection of Equipment's

    (Mechanical ,Electrical and instrumentation)

  • Pressure Vessels (CS, SS, SDSS & Cladding vessels etc…),
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Storage Tanks, Chilled PW Break Tank, K/O Drums , Recovery Oil Drum, Flash Pots & heaters,
  • Above ground piping, Cross Country Pipelines (Oil and Gas),Cooling Water & Gas Mixed piping assembly ,Fuel Gas & Interconnecting Piping, Fabricated CS seam welded pipes, Piping skids for Fuel Oil tank Circulation Pumps,
  • Various Filters as Sea Water cartridge Filter, Fuel Gas Filter, Mercury removal unit dust Filter, Heating medium Filter, Injection Filter, Diesel Filter Coalescer, Hot Oil Filter, sand accumulator etc…
  • Various Packages as Produced Water Treatment Packages including vessels, piping, skids & structural items, Flare packages (Riser), Treater Vessel Packages, Injection Water Filtration package Skid etc…
  • Instrument Air Receiver Vessels, SRU Incinerator Package & Ducting works,
  • Offshore Fabrication of Tie-in Platform, Auxiliary Platforms , Jackets, Piles, Riser component-J tube, Anode, Mud mat, Boat landing , Celler deck, Mezzanine deck, Main deck, Upper deck, Heli Deck
  • Over Head Crane & Hoist Fabrication, Skid Modules, Heat Exchanger & reformer Furnace Accessories,
  • Rotating Equipments, Centrifugal Pumps, Compressor,turbines Ultrasonic Flow Meters, Level Transmitters & Gauges,
  • Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Check valves & Globe Valves etc….
  • RTR Pipes and fittings (GRE/GRV), Passive Fire Protection for Piping, Electrical Cables, TR/ Rectifier,
  • Structure Steel Fabrications (Column, drums, Beam, Frame, Post, Ladder, H-Brace etc...), Filed Pipe Supports, Platform & Ladder, Gratings/ Stair treads etc…
  • Structural Galvanized Roofing/Sliding Sheets, Fabricated of chequred plates & Steel Grating,
  • HVAC Galvanized Ducts, Sacrificial anodes (structure & bracelet anodes, Pin Brazing Materials),
  • Raw materials (Plates, Pipes, Flanges and fittings, Gaskets, Stud Bolts, Nuts & washers, welding consumable),

Inspection Activities

  • Perform the Pre Inspection Meeting (PIM) at initial project stage for review of Purchase Order and project requirements etc….
  • Review and approve the ITP, QA/QC procedures like Quality Plan, Consumable control, NDE, PWHT, Testing, Coating, Calibration etc … as per the Client’s requirements/ specifications etc…
  • Inspection of Raw materials (Plates, Pipes, Flanges and fittings, Gaskets, Bolt & Nuts, Welding consumable etc…) and review the Material Test Certificates (MTC) as per applicable material code and client specification.
  • Monitoring / Witnessing of all the Welding related activities (before, during and after welding) as per client approved Inspection Test Plan, Quality Control procedures, approved GA drawings, WPS & client specification etc…
  • Review and Witness of Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS), Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) and Welder Performance Qualification (WPQ) test as applicable code standards.
  • Witness of PMI test, Hardness test, tensile test, bend test, impact test, macroscopic examination and review of all test reports according to applicable standard, client approved procedure and project specification.
  • Perform the Stage wise inspection of fabrication as per ITP and approved GA drawing etc…
  • Monitor and witness of welding parameters for the Processes such as SMAW, GTAW, GMAW & SAW etc...
  • Witness of Non Destructive Tests (NDT) such as Ultrasonic test, Penetrant test, Magnetic Particle test, Visual and Leak Testing etc… and review the supplier reports.
  • RT films interpretation and reports review as per project specification and applicable standard.
  • Witness of visual and final dimension inspection of products as per procedure, ITP and approved GA drawing etc…
  • Witness of Weld repair activities as per client approved WPS.
  • Punch List preparation before Hydro Test.
  • Witness of thickness measurement on dish end, plates, flanges, piping, base line thickness survey etc…
  • Issue of Non- conformance reports & verification of Corrective/Preventive action of supplier.
  • Review of Daily Welding reports, Weld summary, PWHT report and chart.
  • Witness of Hydrostatic test, Pneumatic test, filled water test, vacuum box test, Shop trial Run test, Performance test, NPSH test, Strip test etc… as per client approved procedures and applicable standard.
  • Witness and review of PWHT reports and chart recorder.
  • Witness of Hydro shell test, Hydro seat test & pneumatic seat test, Gas test, Torque test, operational test, trial fit test for valves.
  • Witness of Surface preparation & painting inspection activities for pressure vessels, Piping Assemblies, storage tanks, Crane Structures, Various Furnace Accessories Assembly, Centrifugal Pumps ,Valves etc… and review of reports.
  • Witness of Surface preparation & painting inspection activities for buried new pipe lines as visual, DFT Holiday inspection of Field Joint Coating (HBE-FJC), full holiday inspection of FBE coating before lowering and back filling.
  • Witness of pickling and passivation, Ferroxyl test for the vessel as per procedure.
  • Witness of External coating inspection (FBE) for buried pipeline and Field Joint Coating (HBE-FJC),
  • Witness of Concrete Weight Coating(CWC ) of Line Pipes as Compression strength on cubes(Gunite infill at central support roller area), Concrete cut back, Concrete Angle, Water absorption, Visual Inspection, Electrical continuity check, Electrical continuity check for Anode Pipe etc…
  • Witness of the final inspection for equipment as internal assembly check, Verification of Name plate, internal cleaning, marking and Packing inspection etc…
  • Preparing daily and weekly inspection reports and issuing Inspection Release Certificate (IRC).
  • Coordination with client inspectors for inspections of Hold and Witness Point.
  • Review of supplier drawings, reports, procedure & documents such as all NDT reports, WPS, PQR, WPQ, weld map, NDE operator qualification, PWHT report and chart, NDE procedures, supplier inspection report and Manufacture Data Book (MDB) etc... As per client specification and standard.
  • To Forecast and plan the requirement of QC departments in the area of authority, with respect to owner Quality requirements as per the relevant documents/ Project Quality Manuals etc…

Srinivas Residency, Badlapur- Ambernath Highway
Badlapur 421503, Maharashtra
Phone No: +91 9326590693
Email: yogesh.rane@daisrecruitments.com

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Srinivas Residency, Badlapur- Ambernath Highway
Badlapur 421503 Maharashtra
Phone No: +91 9326590693
Email: yogesh.rane@daisrecruitments.com